Restoring the metal roof on a hanger at the Hailey Airport. This roof had an ridge that we don’t see to often. It is important that we provide protection where it needs it most, on the seams. This required a little special attention to properly seal all the seams. So we used Conklin’s Kwik Kaulk. Kwik Kaulk is a premium latex caulking compound ideal for filling holes and cracks around joints, flashings, and fasteners before applying Conklin® Roof Coating Systems. It remains flexible, and cures to a durable finish.





20160603Highcountry179 20160603Highcountry199

Applying the Kwik Kaulk, brushing it in to make a good seal.

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Another important area to ensure is sealed is the ridge cap. As you can see here we filled the void with foam board and apply Conklin SpunFlex Fabric. The fabric reinforcement increases the strength of the membrane and resists splitting and rupturing along the seams and protrusions, where metal roofs usually develop leaks.


20160607Highcountry234 20160608Highcountry289

The end result is spectacular! A complete seamless roof with a warranty that is superior to any other products out there.

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