A complete waterproofing system for metal roof repair that inhibits rust, stops leaks and provides an energy efficient, long-lasting and attractive finish coat for years of service. All seams are strengthened with fabric reinforcement embedded in our acrylic elastomeric (elastic property of rubber) roof coating. Exposed fasteners are sealed from the elements with premium caulking. Finally, the entire surface of the roof is protected with one of Conklin’s industry-leading roof coatings. The system is an effective method for preserving an existing metal roof without the need for costly metal repair or replacement.

Don’t replace, restore it.

High Country Roofing offers an alternative to the large expense of replacing your existing metal roof—restoration. In many cases, an existing roof can be salvaged by applying Conklin’s high-performance Metal Roof Restoration (MR) System.

With its white top coat, the MR Restoration System reflects the majority of the suns heat waves. This allows buildings to stay cooler naturally, lowering air conditioning bills by as much as 30 percent.

Metal Roof Restoration benefits include:

  • Spray-applied application gives your roof a complete seamless cover.
  • System is completely renewable and warranties fully extendable.
  • Protection where your roof needs it most; at the seams.
  • Efficient and affordable alternatives to replacement.
  • Elimination of the need for expensive tear-off and disposal of existing roof.
  • Substantial savings in cooling costs that often cover installation cost.
  • Extended roof life through a lightweight coating that helps preserve building structure.
  • Easy maintenance through dirt-resistant finish.

Affordable Quality

Conklin Metal Roof repair Systems are designed to provide long term performance at a fraction of the cost of replacing your metal roof. Additionally, there are financial benefits to metal roof restoration systems. Metal roof restoration can be expensed as a repair or maintenance cost while roof replacement must be capitalized.

Light Roofs, Bright Ideas

Energy_Star_logo.svgBy using Conklin Energy Star labeled products on a roof, you can lower roof surface temperatures by 15 to 30 percent and decrease the amount of heat transferred into the building’s interior, thus reducing cooling costs and reducing air pollution.and subcontractors to bring that vision to life. This interactive approach ensures quality workmanship and attention to detail every step of the way and a finished structure you can be proud of. We get it and we get it done.

We had been having fits with one of our hangar roofs at the Hailey airport for quite
some time. Prior to finding High Country Roofing, we had another roofer attempt to
solve our leak issues. After taking a look at our roof issues, they suggested a Metal
Roof restoration system that provided an unmatched warranty. Mike showed up on time
and did timely and professional work, even color matching the existing roof color to
accommodate airport standards. Since the job completion, we have been leak free! We
look forward to many worry-free years!
Devon Jolley
Dangelnest - Sun Valley Airport