Quality Roofing Begins With Quality Coverage

Our company, High Country Roofing, has been at the forefront of the roofing industry since the day we opened our doors. As a result, we have been raising the general standard for all roofing practices: roofing service fulfillment, educated troubleshooting, zoning & permitting adherence, and most importantly, hugely emphasizing precision and efficiency in order to avoid have a stall in progress of any roofing projects.

Services include:

Roofing Repairs
Roofing Restorations
Roofing Replacements
Roofing Installations
Roofing Upgrades
(Re)Roofing Services






Local Roofing Expertise

(We Offer A Wide Range Of Roofing Services That Include Repairs, (Re)Roofing, and Installations)

Please note that if you have a particular roofing request that is not listed about our website, please feel free to contact our roofing specialists directly for additional inquiries, service requests, and/or roofing consultations.


Commercial Roofing 101

Typically, the larger the scale of a commercial roofing project, the greater the potential for problems to arise; if not already exists. With that in mind, High Country Roofing and all of our employees strongly believes in following a thorough roofing plan-set and design in order to minimize any missteps that can lead to project stagnancy, delays or backtracking.


Metal & Flat Roofing Coverage


How High Country Roofing Can Help With Flat & Metal Roofing

With flat & metal roofing being one of our most common services utilized, metal & flat roofing is something we actually specialize in. Every metal or flat roof design we render is done so with the intention of following the strictest of standards:


Our company’s policy and practice dictates that we install and repair your metal or flat roof with resilient and durable materials of the highest quality.

Each and every flat or metal roof installation is mapped properly and installed flawlessly to ensure longevity and customer satisfaction.


We utilize the best noncombustible materials and supplies to ensure your home or business’ roof outside is inherently safer and flame resistant.

With the new advances in the composition and manufacturing of the materials we use for your metal/flat roof, be assured you’re getting the best product with the longest service-life


Metal and flat roofs offer full protection and coverage and are now designed to be energy savings compliant. Additionally, their longer durability allows for you to have a solid roof for longer!

There are several benefits when opting to install a metal or flat roof as opposed to a traditional shingle or asphalt roof - you’re able to take advantage of huge discounts offered through your insurance when you install a new metal roof.



Choosing High Country Roofing Is Choosing Wisely

Ensuring the flat or metal roof of your home or office is stable, level, and soundly installed can prove rather tricky if you are unfamiliar with the metal or flat roofing process. Our seasoned roofing pros at High Country Roofing LLC implement decades of roofing experience for every roofing project we undertake. As a matter of convenience to you, the clients, the roofing teams here at High Country Roofing LLC are more than capable of assisting with any roofing design adjustments, permitting, or inspections as well as material procurement and project scheduling.

Spray Foam Roofing

Unbeknownst to many, spray foam roofing insulations is a polyurethane solution that is applied in a liquid form to roofing systems in order to achieve a desirable level of insulation against temperature fluctuations and over-exposure to the elements. Moreover, implementing spray foam as the roofing insulation of choice has a wealth of beneficial attributes and sustainability-laden qualities that prove to not only rival traditional insulation forms of roofing insulation but actually surpasses them in many regards. In terms of longevity, efficient/versatile applications, cost-effectiveness, and “turn around” time for realization.